How to import splines / curves from blender to FlaxEngine?


I’m looking for a way to import a spline or curve from blender to flax.
I don’t see a way in the documentation and using fbx to export from blender and then import to flax did nothing. Is it even implented to import curves of any kind?

If you import source model file as an Animation it should show the tracks with curves: Animation | Flax Documentation

Currently, it might only handle translation/roatation/scale tracks. If you want us to add support for a specific feature from that animation to exist in the imported file (eg. generic curve data via API to sample its data) then feel free to request it on Github with example file attached: GitHub - FlaxEngine/FlaxEngine: Flax Engine – multi-platform 3D game engine

Thanks for your reply, but I’m looking to import a spline then use it to draw a train track for a train to drive on. Maybe I will do a request later.