How to save/load data in game?

Hello. Excuse me if this is a stupid question, but how can I save ingame data when exit, and load again when launch game?
For example, in a scene a Door (or 100) can be OPEN or CLOSED.
There is a way to go through the scene objects list and get their values? Must I use std::fstream in script to save a bin file or there is another way? It is better do this in scene script? Can I do this in visual scripting?

We have som utilities for implementing savesystem for a game (kind of game-specific feature, not a general solution to be in engine). My tips are:

  • You can use Tags to mark actors as savable - for gameplay objects like doors, player, erc. so you can iterate over objects on the scene and get the list of them to save
  • Actors and Scripts are inheriting from SceneObject and implement ISerializable interface in C++ that contains nice ways of data serialization for the gameplay state. Example code:
rapidjson_flax::StringBuffer buffer;
CompactJsonWriter writer(buffer);
String mySavedStatAsString(buffer.GetString());
  • We have some in-build methods to save objects state (eg. used by editor undo system): Actor::ToBytes, Actor::FromBytes, Actor::ToJson, Actor::FromJson

Finally, here I showed C++ more like examples but those methods are also available in C# and Visual Script. The only problem in Visual Script might be the lack of good Arrays support (work in progress). So I would suggest implementing saveystsem in C# or C++.

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I think it’s clear. My next question was about arrays in visual script, but I’ll wait then xD
Thank you, I’ll coming back to engine.