I need a game idea, I'm loost!

Hey guys, i’m kinda lost on what to do right now, so who could help me with a game idea(3d) I’m bored, i need something to develop please

Maybe make something like Horizon Chase?
Vehicles just got added in 1.2.
Love that game, it’s so chill :smiley:

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A racing game? An adventure game? A dungeon crawler? An FPS/TPS?

There’s one dude who actually recreated Breath of the Wild’s Sheikah Slate Runes in Godot. That might be something fun to try in Flax Engine.

In old Mered, the great king led his men out to meet the War Wolf, Hgariin on the field of battle, and sadly, the king was felled, leaving his daughter to take the mantle, defend her home, the castle Obveravenn against the War Wolf.

Her Coronation as new Queen and heir apparent was Truncated, and thus she had to flee from Obverravenn into the old tunnels beneath, the foundations of Obverravenn, which empited out into the Canyons of The Emeraldine Clasp, a region beyond the gaze of the War Wolf in his ambition.

As Warlords often do, he proclaimed himself Liege, and thus, the new Queen rises like a shadowed pheonix from the pits of the poor, becoming the peasant hero that her people had always wanted, and rising back to take Obverravenn, cleave the War Wolf, and retake the throne of her father before her… OR find the wisdom and grace to find a better way and change the landscape of Mered for all time.

Making a game like the old strike ball 3 game can be fun! :smiley: