I'm Making Videos On Making A Physics Game In Flax Engine From Start To Finish

I’m coming from Unity. This is to help newcomers to get started with the engine. It also covers basic/essential concepts when developing a game using the Flax engine.

Unity has a roll a ball tutorial. I decided to make a physics game where the ball will move in the opposite direction from where the user clicks on the ball. The idea is to navigate around the game level while avoiding certain objects/enemies and while collecting other objects.

I only have the first video up but the first video covers Raycasts, collisions, creating collision data for models that don’t fit with the default collider shapes, and physics!


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Part 2 is up.

Coding A KOTOR Like Camera For Our Game

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Quite a detailed tutorial, great!

Thanks. Part 3 will be up in about 3-4 hours from now. Part 4, not up yet, will show how to make the game moddable so players can design their own levels. Replayabiilty is key in games today. Part 4 will be put up later.

Here’s the 4th part. This video shows how to create a level during runtime by loading info from a text file.

The link to the video from this post starts a little after the beginning of the video because the first few minutes explain why it took longer to put out this video. The link starts at the beginning of the tutorial.

I’ll be adding another video shortly. It will be a shorter one showing how to use the modulus operator, % , in coding level generation.