Imported Mesh (non-skeletal) has color deviation


I am using color-palettes with my low poly models. For testing purposes I tried to import a simple cube with a few colors - the sides should be red but were more orange.
I thought maybe it was the palette in combination with the scaled uv, so I tried to import it in UE - and there the sides where red.

I hope someone has ideas for a solution.

Import-format was fbx

Wanted to post pictures, but that didn’t work …

Probably some kind of sRGB colors issue or similar. Could you share the source model (or at least part of it with those colors so I could debug it and fix it)?

Hi, thanks for your answer.
As I wrote it was just a cube for testing purposes, so its no problem to share the source-model. Just tell me how to send it :slight_smile:

Colors in Flax Engine

Colors in UE

Yeah it looks incorrect. Please, open new issue on Github ( and attach the model file there so we can track the problem and fix it :slight_smile: