Is possible creating lake, river and cascade?

Hi friends!
I have seen that there are different tutorials to create a water material, but I would like to know if it is possible to create a material like the one in Cry Engine, I mean that the scenery is reflected, also with foam, and to finish the underwater effect, I think this is very important to create games with more realistic worlds, I would like to know where to start or if any of you already have it implemented in Flax Engine.

Yeah, materials in Flax support the most common features in games so making such river is possible. Also, with spline meshes, you can easily set up rivers through the level. Underwater effect can be made with PostFx volumes (eg. adjust chromatic aberration) or from script to use custom postFx.

Speaking of some more advanced stuff here is the upcoming Global SDF system which will allow sampling distance to the nearby geometry in materials that can be sued to place foam/water splashes:

(plane mesh gets darker when closer to the geometry)

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Great, thank you very much for the information, I love Flax Engine :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

hey david
I have already done a tutorial on making water material in flax
Tutorial | Making a Water Shader in Flax Engine

I will make another video soon to build a river in flax 1.3


Thanks Alico, I already knew this tutorial, it’s great, what happens is that it doesn’t have the foam, I’m looking forward to seeing the next tutorial, please have it have the foam, every day I like Flax Engine more and more .

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In this video, I tried to simulate underwater in flax
Flax Engine Tutorial - Underwater Post Processing

You can use this tutorial to make water material:
Tutorial | Making a Water Shader in Flax Engine

Also see this tutorial for building a river:
Flax Engine | how to Create road from spline

  • I think adding bubbles and a few more effects will improve the underwater environment
  • I still could not simulate foam
  • I will try to add a wave to it in the future

Can you share your files on github please?

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