Launcher screenshot is different from what I can see

In 1.7.1 release post screenshot there are some built in samples which used for showcase videos (Building Interior, Fantasy Pub, Outdoor forest…) and ‘Get Flax Samples’ link at the top.

But I can’t see any of those demo scene example projects, nor ‘Get Flax Samples’ link. (I tested updating / reinstalling latest flax launcher)

It would be okay at least I can download from samples repository, but what I can see is only that I can see already with my installation.

I remember a compiled demo released at ModDB, but it was binary, not a readable project.

I think there can be a possibility that ‘demos’ are closed assets, but can’t understand that my launcher missing a link button… Is my installation incomplete? Can we get the actual demos shown in only showcase screenshots?

Those projects were developed by Flax Team for showcase but cannot be redistributed (due to licensing).

Arizona Framework Sample can be downloaded from here:GitHub - FlaxEngine/ArizonaFramework: Ready to use, open-source framework for creating games in Flax

I only have basic scene & blank in mine.
I certainly wish that they would provide us more templates to work with.
It’s very disconcerting that they don’t include templates for us.

Thank you for answer, and what is ‘Get Flax Samples’ ? Is this old version or something?