Linux mint 21.1 vscode autocomplete not working

Nothing happens when typing key words.

What version do you use? Flax 1.4 or the latest master branch build (

(we had various improvements to vscode integration recently for the upcoming 1.5 version update)

version 1.4 Downloaded From Download - Flax Engine

One thing that keeps my autocomplete from working is that Flax currently uses a very old version of the .NET Framework, 4.5.2. As far as I’m aware, Microsoft doesn’t allow you to download that version anymore. So, each time you create a script or regenerate your project files, you’ll have to edit your Game.csproj file and change the target framework version from 4.5.2 to whatever you currently have installed. In my case, 4.8. Hopefully this will be a thing of the past after the .NET 7 branch is merged.

Ah you’re right, that’s also the case with the .Net Framework. New .NET 7 will be a big game changer :slight_smile:

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