Linux Toolchain

Does this message mean I won’t be able to target Linux Platforms?

I found toolchains for UE4, but I am not sure if these are what I would need.
How, or where do I get the Linux toolchain to use with Flax Engine?

Yeah it’s partially supported (used and tested 1 or 2 year ago) option to cross-compile code for Linux on Windows if LINUX_TOOLCHAINS_ROOT env variable is pointing to v13_clang-7.0.1-centos7 toolchain. Now, we use native Ubuntu 18/20 machines to compile Flax for Linux which works fine.

In theory, if you get that toolchain and set env var then the Flax.Build should try to build engine/game for Linux on Windows. Also, we support compiling C#-only games for Linux on Windows PC since Editor won’t compile native code but just C# DLLs.

Sounds good.
Do I set LINUX_TOOLCHAINS_ROOT to C:\UnrealToolchains\v13_clang-7.0.1-centos7, or to one of the subfolders which contain bin directories, and then set the PATH to one of those?

Edit: The former worked. Thanks.