Looking to Collaborate


I am looking to collaborate on a Flax project with someone else.

I’d like to:

  • Collaborate on a Flax project 8 -12hrs weekly - consistent hobbyist hours
  • Establish a once a week or twice a week Discord cadence or “tag-up”
  • Build a multiplayer demo using my own custom networking “library” which I will show you
  • Contribute to Flax engine during this effort by updating docs/opening Git issues
  • Possibly have a small online video presence of the effort/progress

Who I’m looking to collaborate with:

  • Another developer and/or artist desiring to learn Flax
  • Someone mature who is able to commit to the project and establish healthy communication
  • Someone who understands the importance of contributing to the engine’s community
  • Someone interested in seeing something slowly come to life that we are creating

A bit about me:

  • I consider myself to be of intermediate skill level with some understanding of advanced topics
  • I am in my mid to late 30’s and have a wife and children
  • I do most of my work in the early morning (US MNT Timezone)
  • I historically enjoy RTS and Moba games, occasionally platformers and TCG’s
  • I have made several small games (unreleased) and one multiplayer game (itch)
  • I have previously used Unity and Godot and have good understanding of Stride
  • My primary tool set is HackNPlan, Rider, Blender, and Gimp

Project info:

  • Can be anything we come up with, it’s for collaboration and learning
  • Would either be released open source, free, or commercially depending on result

If you are interested feel free to send me a message here or on the Flax discord. We can chat and see if we’d be a good team.



Hello HeroCrab,

I might be interested. I’ve recently run some comparisons between Ue4 (which I like for all it’s tool sets) and Flax Engine. Graphics are pretty on par with Flax… seems the team is improving the editor with updates often, too.
Anyway… I have a 3D background with programming experience. I currently create 2D games for online classes, using the Phaser JavaScript Framework.
I’m in Southern Cali…so about 1 hr time difference between us.
Here is some of the stuff I dable in (under WORK): Personal Website


Thanks for the reply! Are you in the Flax Discord? There should be a link on the main site, shoot me a message there.

Updating this post, haven’t heard back from Kevindy77. I’m still looking to collaborate.

This ship is about to sail! If anyone else is interested let me know.

Alrighty! Ship has sailed. Found one person to collaborate with!!


If you need i would also love to collaborate and you can join fb group herehttps://web.facebook.com/groups/339423084429961