Made my first complete game with Flax Engine

I stole the fashion of Brackeys’ naming scheme with cubes and decided to call it SuperCubeWorld. The game is not that impressive, but it taught me a great deal about the engine.

The goal of the game is to collect all the coins in a level to move on to the next level, each harder than before. It’s built very modularly so adding levels is a simple as dragging some platforms around and adding some coin prefabs. Here are some images:

Here are some of the things I learned how to do in this engine:

  • How to set up lighting, skies, graphics, and PostFX
  • How to use Flax’s scripting API
  • How to set up and play animations
  • How to do some scene transitions and level restarting
  • Some basic UI, such as menu screens
  • How to search through documentation efficiently :joy:

Here are some things I like about the engine and workflow so far:

  • How easy it is to set up good graphics (Looking at you, Unity)
  • The instant playtesting (Still looking at you, Unity)
  • The awesome material editor
  • The separate files for each section of project/export settings
  • The Toolbox Window :upside_down_face: :sweat_smile:
  • The clean UI
  • The overall speed of everything

And dislikes:

  • The lack of a quick way to toggle visibility of an actor from the Scene Window
  • The SceneAnimationPlayer Window, namely, working with curves and moving keyframes around
  • Setting up animations with prefabs
  • Having so much boilerplate code in every single new script
  • Trying to get a sky to have one single background color
  • How dark a default sky is
  • The documentation can be vague or missing in some cases

Overall I had a great experience with the engine when making this game. It surprised me. I had to visit the forums a couple times, but that’s expected with such a young engine. I will keep this on my list of engines to consider if I ever make a big game. Thanks to @mafiesto4 for making such a great engine!

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