Missing Game Modules Problem!

Hello everyone, I have just installed Flax Editor and when I open a new project I got this error message :

any help? or where can I find those script modules?

It means that it failed to compile the source code of the project. Take a look into Output Log window or the latest log file from folder <project>/Logs as it should contain information about what happened.

I have Visual Studio 2015 installed, I dont have Visual Studio 2017 now, Is this the problem? does flax need at least Visual Studio 2017 to compile?


[ 00:00:09.427 ]: [Info] Exception: Combination of Windows Toolset v140 and Windows SDK 8.1 requires the Universal CRT to be installed.

I have installed Visual Studio 2017 and it works now!
Thanks mafiesto4!

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Nowhere in the Flax installation process does it say anything about Visual Studio.
And it doesn’t make sense asking the user to install VS themselves, VS is a third party, unrelated to Flax, and it’s not trivial figuring out which version and which modules should be installed.

They were missing an SDK… Not missing visual studio. The visual studio installer is a great place to get most of Microsoft’s SDKs and installing visual studio often comes with several of the SDKs. Visual Studio is not required for the engine to run. The requirements are https://docs.flaxengine.com/manual/get-started/requirements.html as listed on this page. You can download them individually if you want to.