Model importers

As I understand, at this moment you would recommend using the .FBX format for models especially animated ones. However as I encountered a problem (animation not rendered properly) with my animated model which was exported from Blender where the animation had no problems, also properly shown in Autodesk FBX viewer, I told myself maybe its a Blender exporter problem (I haven’t tried with another Blender FBX export plugin, just with the default).
Then I exported the model as GLB (my preferred format) and reimported in Flax. However, in this case the model (skinned model) imported (x100 smaller) and I could not import any animations , despite all my efforts. Any thoughts or recommendations would be highly appreciated. Thank you.

For invalid imported animation or model feel free to open an issue on Github: and attach that fbx file so we can fix it (we use OpenFBX lib for importing fbx).
Regarding the other formats (such as GLB) we use Assimp and this workflow is less tested as most of the devs are using fbx. But again in case of problematic files just open issue on Github so we can tackle it.

Thank you. I uploaded the fbx file on github.
I managed to play glb animation, by re-imported the skinned mesh with scale x100 and set the animation speed to 100. Is there is something to do that the engine uses cm (as well as fbx files), while glb for example uses meters?

Finally I discovered that fbx export file was not properly exported with Blnder’s default exporter. By using another Blender’s exporter, the model as well as the animations play perfectly in the engine!