Morpher Animation support?


We created a morph target animation using Morpher in 3DSMAX. We exported and imported the FBX file with the “Skinned Model” type, and we also turned on the “Import Blend Shapes” feature. We can confirm that the Blend Shapes are working by adjusting the weights in the “Model Import Settings Window/Skeleton/Blend Shapes” section.

Next, we imported the FBX file with the “Animation” type and assigned the Skinned Model to the preview. However, we encountered an issue because there were no Morpher tracks in the animation. Therefore, the model in playing skeleton animation only.

So, does this mean that the pre-made morph target animation is not supported?

We have Blend Shapes morphing via Animated Model actor API via SetBlendShapeWeight(name, value) method. I think you can manually extract those tracks and animated them from script. More info: Skinned Model | Flax Documentation

I’ll add feature request to implement Morpher tracks for automatic Blend Shapes control via animation to be done in future.

Thank you for your quick and helpful response.
I’m really satisfied with your support.
Your expertise and clear explanation were much appreciated.
Thank you!<3