Movement speed in the editor


I just got to know this engine and I’m trying it out, but I’ve found the inconvenience that moving around the 3D environment is too slow. If I want to rotate or scroll the view in the editor it is very slow, I saw that there are some options in the configuration, but I have been changing them and nothing happens.

Is it a bug or is there a way to increase the speed?

I am using version 1.3 (windows 10 64 bit)

Sorry for my English, I’m using google translate.

All the best

Go under tools - options - Go to the viewport section you will see options to edit this there

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There should also be an option in the Editor window at the top righ-hand corner to increase your base movememnt speed. Holding shift also increases your speed.

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Don’t worry about the English. It’s actually very good.


Changing to different values I have managed to make it move a little better, but I do not feel a fluid movement.

google translate works great :slight_smile:


I feel like that’s something that should be improved on. The editor fly camera is not smooth at all.