Moving functional packages between games

What is the preferred method to move assets/code between games? E.g. in Unity I would have exported a package that would include all the game objects I wanted and automatically figure out all of their script dependencies.

To give a simple example, if I have a character controller, character model, camera arm object and camera and a selection of supporting scripts: How can I painlessly move this to use as a character controller in another game I’m working on?

With Flax you can easily add dependencies to other Flax projects by adding a reference to your .flaxproj file:

This way, all code and assets from that other project is available to your own project. A common convention, is to create a Plugins folder at the root of your project and add other projects there as git submodules. However, you can also add references to projects that live anywhere in the filesystem.


That looks great, thanks very much!