My short adventure with Flax

I got through the unintuitive download page and convoluted zip. I got through MacOS complaining about non-secure executable files… I got through the need to create a new projects through the command line instead of a nice GUI… I faced the lack of .NET 7 and installed it… Only to hit another wall - this one I don’t know how to go around.

M1 MacBook Pro, MacOS 13.4.1

Yes, we have some issues with macOS editor that we want to fix for Flax 1.7 (very soon). Currently, macOS builds are done on x64 arch runner which doesn’t work well with the M1/M2 macs. You could try installing .NET 7 for x64 (it can be installed side-by-side with SDK for arm64) so it will run properly before we add proper .dmg file export for arm64.