Navigate in the scene jumping from one actor to another

Hello, I am trying to see how I can navigate in the scene from one actor to another actor and naturally I double clicked on some actors in the hierarchy list however the viewport does not jump to the actor, I had like the editor viewport to focus on the element I double-clicked, am I missing something in the editor or in the setting?

If you click on an actor in the scene tree and click the F key it will focus on the actor. This key can be changed in the editor options.

Thank you, I could see it, Is there any way to rotate orbit around the selected object in the editor ?

I believe that if you hold alt and either right click or left click it will rotate around the actor.

Thank you, yes indeed left mouse button + ALT can rotate after pressing F, it would be nice if even if I move my position that I can still rotate around the selection, apparently it is working well only after pressing F, if from that automatic position I move my camera a little bit closer or simply UP then I does not orbit well, somehow the target point changed.