Need To Ask Couple of things About Flax

First of all very impressive product perfect visuals and Interface out of box really pleasing to look at something different but at the same time need minimum effort to switch from Unreal engine/Unity.

  1. So I have been using this engine for couple of hours now and as a gameplay programmer i need my Draw Debug functionality to have lot of options (kinda like UE4), So i tried to draw a wire Cylinder ( as there is no capsule as for right now) and it crashed my engine is it normal or did i do something wrong?

  2. Now, another thing how can i enable Draw Debugs to show in Game View as well? it’s not super important but still nice to have that is there an option or its simply not possible as of yet?

  3. I couldn’t find any Additive Animation functionality in Docs is it doable? lets say if one wants to make an Aim Offset Using Poses and blend the animation in them like Pitch/Yaw. Or Upon turning the character can use additive animations to bend left or right.

  4. This does not directly apply to me but if i am to bring someone from UE4 community to lets say create a grass shader Can they do that in Materials Editor Like in UE4 or do we need some hlsl magic (i don’t know anything about shaders I can’t differ between Material Editor or Shader Graph)

Thank you.

  1. We might implement more debug shapes I guess. For crashes reporting see:

  2. See -> editor widget with View Flags and uncheck Debug Draw

  3. There is Blend Additive node in Animation Graph:

  4. Materials are easily convertible manually.