Possible bugs: Terrain Issues

Win10/PC using 1.7.6404 (and on previous version 1.6)

  1. I find that when deleting a terrain object, the associated Heightmap and Heightfield data is not deleted from SceneData/Scene/Terrain, leading to an accumulation of files there.

The following are after generating heightmaps with C# code.

  1. Sporadically, after restarting Flax, the terrain appears to lose heightmap values (returning to a planar surface), but keeps the shadow map from when it did have height (sorry no replication case). This does not appear to be linked to code changes in the C# as it can happen and then not happen without any changes, but I cannot rule out that it is being caused by something associated with the code or terrain api.

  2. Sporadically, after restarting Flax, some terrain patches appear displaced vertically by 1m, leaving cracks between them and adjacent patches. No replication case for this either, but same comments as above apply.

I’m posting here as opposed to Git as I can’t generate a replication process for the last two and I’m not sure if this is linked to terrain api use or not. If anyone else has seen this or can replicate it then perhaps I can make a proper bug report?

While I can only comment on point 1 and no help for anything else. I can confirm that the data is still in the folder. I am currently learning Flax Engine, so creating and deleting things. Terrains is one of the things I was messing with.

From this post I opened up the same folder and sure enough, with no Terrains in my project currently I have these files. Not knowing the engine and if I’d not seen this post. I’d have thought it was by design. But I guess now, it’s not.


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Thanks for that, I will post that one on Git separately. I have been creating and deleting terrain a lot within a single project, so I periodically delete the terrain and these files before restarting.