Potential bug adding engine module

I think there is a bug when I try to add the Platform module to a c++ project.
The compilation always fails because it is impossible to open Dwmapi.dll.
I tested on a new project with both release 1.6 and 1.7 from GitHub.

In addition, I noticed two other things:

  1. if you turn off native scripting, the compilation completes.
  2. with release 1.6 trying to add the Sound module doesn’t compile because it doesn’t find the OpenAl dll; in release 1.7 the compilation completes.

Maybe I am doing something wrong?

I researched the matter further and noticed that in the System32 folder the .dll file starts with a lowercase letter while in the engine source code it is searched with an uppercase letter.
I tried to edit the code in question but the compilation of the project fails.
So I commented out the line in question directly and the compilation completes and everything seems to work without repercussions.

Line 44.