Problem importing blend files

cant import any blender model (2.9)

[ 01:27:02.151 ]: [Info] Importing file ‘F:\GoogleDrive/FLAX/Assets/Player/Turtle rigged.blend1.blend’ to ‘F:\GoogleDrive/FLAX/Turtle (1)/Content/Turtle rigged.blend1.flax’…
[ 01:27:02.151 ]: [Info] Asset already exists. Using old ID: 1bf2d59c4df07e768d2571ba417dc797
[ 01:27:02.151 ]: [Info] Importing model from ‘F:\GoogleDrive/FLAX/Assets/Player/Turtle rigged.blend1.blend’
[ 01:27:02.151 ]: [Info] [Assimp]: Info, T9712: Load F:\GoogleDrive/FLAX/Assets/Player/Turtle rigged.blend1.blend
[ 01:27:02.151 ]: [Info] [Assimp]: Info, T9712: Found a matching importer for this file format: Blender 3D Importer
[ 01:27:02.151 ]: [Info] [Assimp]: Info, T9712: Import root directory is ‘F:\GoogleDrive/FLAX/Assets/Player’
[ 01:27:02.151 ]: [Info] [Assimp]: Info, T9712: BLEND: Blender version is 2.90 (64bit: true, little endian: true)
[ 01:27:02.156 ]: [Info] [Assimp]: Info, T9712: (Stats) Fields read: 12, pointers resolved: 1, cache hits: 0, cached objects: 1
[ 01:27:02.156 ]: [Info] [Assimp]: Error, T9712: BLEND: Expected at least one object with no parent
[ 01:27:02.156 ]: [Warning] BLEND: Expected at least one object with no parent
[ 01:27:02.156 ]: [Warning] F:\GoogleDrive/FLAX/Assets/Player/Turtle rigged.blend1.blend
[ 01:27:02.156 ]: [Warning] 27728527
[ 01:27:02.156 ]: [Error] Cannot import model file. BLEND: Expected at least one object with no parent
[ 01:27:02.156 ]: [Error] Cannot import file ‘F:\GoogleDrive/FLAX/Assets/Player/Turtle rigged.blend1.blend’! Result: Error
[ 01:27:02.156 ]: [Warning] Failed to import F:\GoogleDrive\FLAX\Assets\Player\Turtle rigged.blend1.blend to F:\GoogleDrive/FLAX/Turtle (1)/Content\Turtle rigged.blend1.flax

Try exporting the .blend file as .fbx file. For most common file formats, Flax uses Assimp, which is pretty good, but not quite perfect. For .fbx, Flax uses OpenFBX, which tends to give better results.

i lost some hours trying to import a single animation. Exported in all formats blender suports including fbx. Tryed also some turbosquid models. Cant do it. Some of then show erros in log, some import animations but it changes model transformation (most rotate model 45 degree x/y) and none animate in animation graph in loop mode. can someone pont a single model whose animation shows correct in flax so i can confirm it works at all?
I followed this step by step but it never works for some reason
HOWTO: Create Anim Graph | Flax Documentation (

Could you report that issue on GitHub with links to the models you’ve tried?