Red screen when starting the editor

I wanted to test this engine since it looks promising but when I try to create a new project the editor starts but the content of the editor window is just red color. There is no error message on console. Log file contains two errors:

[Error] Unknown name en-FI for CultureInfo
[Error] Missing file game settings asset (/Users/XXXXXX/projects/flaxtest/Content/GameSettings.json)

However, the file GameSettings.json exists in the location and the error went away when the same project was opened again. Locale error remains.

The computer is Macbook Pro with macOS, Intel processor and dedicated AMD GPU and it meets the requirements.

Anyone else have the same problem? Would really like to give a try for this one.

It’s known problem on macOS with AMD GPU: macOS UI is red with no controls · Issue #694 · FlaxEngine/FlaxEngine · GitHub

It’s fixed in AMR64 build for M1/M2 laptops but for some reason x64 builds might have this problem. We will try to figure it out. Thanks for updating on this problem.