Referencing C# GUI-Classes in C++

Hi there,
I’m currently trying to get into scripting for Flax and started by converting the current C# Samples to C++.
However I’ve already reached the first blocker for myself, since I’m not quite sure on how to reference the C# Classes for the UI.
I’ve noticed, that for a lot of components we have separate C++ - Header files, however for the UIComponents (Label e.g. ) I only found the C# implementations.

Do I need to use the managed-classes to reference the C# code in c++ or is there another way around that hurdle? Or would I even need to implement the C# classes in c++ by hand?

Would be really glad if someone could give me some pointers on how to achieve the reference.

Thank you :slight_smile:

UI in Flax is C#-only so it’s harder to use it in C++ but you can still access C# controls using C++ interop API we have via MClass/MField/MProperty/etc. Some info here:

Another example is UIControl Actor that contains C# control under the hood: