Royalty Clarification

Unfortunately, I keep seeing people in the comments under my YT videos who get hung up on Flax’s license costs for inexplicable reasons. I’ve read the EULA, but I’m not a lawyer and I’m not that good at these things. I would like to know if I am right in the following statement. Please correct if I’m wrong.

You pay 4% gross revenue per game project not per studio if it’s over $250k per quarter.
So for my example Q1 is the Release quarter of the game:
Q1 = $400k: You pay (6k€) 4% of 150k that are above the 250k!
Q2 = $300k: You pay (2k€) 4% of 50k !
Q3 = $200k: You don’t pay!
… never again over $250k: You never pay (for the game project) again

Sorry if I’m asking such a specific question… but I always have the feeling that all the CEO’s from the really big studios are in the comment section of my videos xD… I get this question so often. (as if they would ever create such a successful game ^^)

And always like “oooh my god, have you seen the royalties” … and I’m always like “wtf, are they good? I would be happy if I had to pay Flax something… then I would be successful xD”

As far as I know, you are correct. The other thing I have understood is that if you made 400k in one quarter, you only have the pay the 4% on the money over the 250k. So you only pay 4% of 150k in this example.

I think you are right.

  1. The first $250,000 in gross revenue for each Product per calendar quarter;

I will edit my initial post.

Yeah you will always find comments from the self entitled snowflakes who want everything for a flat 0 rate.
But then again, who is going to pay these devs for the work on the engine that these other guys are using in the remote hope to make da big money?
Once a game dev gets to earn that lot of money, paying for the software you’re using is just the right thing to do. And the policy isn’t even unreasonable: make money first, THEN pay us… and only after you got enough to pay your workers!

Just let them be, the policy could even be 1 dollar every 1M dollars NET income, and they would complain anyway.