Scene Animations

I just can’t wrap my head around scene animations, the way it operates is kinda difficult, I’ve always shyed away from animations in my journey of game development, I am just trying to create a simple sword animation, can I achieve this with scene animations ?, if the answer is yes, how can i get started and record it like in unity, I just see options like Quaternion, rotation matrix . E.t.c .
I just need simple rotation

For a sword animation, it might be a better idea to animate such an object in Blender and bring it in as an Animated Model.

The Scene Animation Player is fairly simple, although finicky. If you need help with it, check out the relevant documentation.

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Thank You @Spectrix .
Great Idea

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No problem! The Scene Animation Player is pretty capable, but it seems it was designed to create cutscenes and, well, Scene animations, instead of Actor animations, although it can be used that way.