Scripts error

ive gotten to flax game engine as of so far and im using the latest version of flax. Im struggling to setup a character working making it hard for me to even get out of the early stages of development. i can write my scripts but as soo as im done my script doesnt work and i scan my scripts and theres nothing wronge with my scripts. its very frustrating coming from unity and open 3d game engine. as ive been programming video games for 7 years andi struggle to get the simplests of scripts up and running if anyone can point me in a direction on how to get my scripts up and running. because my scripting isnt the problem its the connection between visual studio 22 and flax 1.8 . if anyone can get a workaround in 2 days as my game needs to leave early production. and Unreal engine has large demands on hardware power than any game engine.