[SOLVED] Square pattern with model texture

New to Flax engine, but coming from Unreal engine. I started looking at setting up a base male and female character and come across the material is squared patches all over the mesh. The model is an export from the make human program then imported into Flax. I have a screenshot of the material and the mesh for a better idea of what I am talking about. I am sure it is because I am new and missing something but have yet to find a fix with my search terms.

Also wondering if that is actually the mesh? First time working with make human as I use daz but wanted to use a free option that way I could share with others.

Are the square patches only seen when the material is applied?

No it is the model. I used the makehuman to blender addon to load the model into blender then exported it from blender then loaded it into the engine. That one turned out fine. Not sure if it was a bad export or if was make human itself on the export. Here is a screenshot of the one I exported from blender.

Thanks for the quick reply.

When you imported the model to flax, did you select the option skinned model?

I did yea. Tried it with both model and skinned as well.

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Would you care to share how you solved the problem?

Sure thing. It is in my second post, but a better description can be made.

Do not export from within MakeHumanCommunity v1.2.
You need Blender and the MakeHuman plugin for blender.
You must have MakeHuman open and running in the background.
Import the model into blender from the plugin (marked on the right of the image).
Select File->Export->FBX. (Did not try with any other format)
In the export settings, untick the Add Leaf Bones under Armature. Everything else I left at default settings (marked on the left of the image).
Then I was able to import into Flax without any issues with the mesh.

Textures were a different story. I had to manually create the needed textures for the mesh. It has 2 materials, one is the skin texture and the other is the eyes texture. The textures themselves can be found in my project or the fbx zips.

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