Someone plz help how to use Scripting.MainThreadScheduler

In Multiplayer page of manual, there is a section about using async Task with Flax.
Under plain async call example, there is a saying:

Also, when using async tasks you can use the Scripting.MainThreadScheduler to invoke task on a main thread during game Update . This can be usefull when chacing the async tasks with main thread tasks.

I looked over MainThreadScheduler and it is a C# TaskScheduler, but can’t figure out how to use this to invoke methods for specific(engine) thread.

What I know related to callback( FromCurrentSynchronizationContext() ) is windows platform bound (not working with plain console app etc), and couldn’t find articles about assigning some Task to thread with TaskScheduler…

Is there someone could give some working example of using Scripting.MainThreadScheduler to invoke Engine functions?