Stylized Grass in Flax Engine

This is the very first time I’ve tried to make something that looks half-decent in Flax. (I’m a programmer :crazy_face:) This is also my first attempt at creating grass. I’m super happy how it turned out. The grass is model-based, and each clump of it has 615 verts.

I’m consistently getting above 60FPS even with thousands of blades. It also has wind and color variation.

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Did you model those grasses yourself?

Yep. It was pretty easy.

Wow, your job is good!
I don’t have idea on implementing grass swiss. (Did you implemented any swiss by the way?)

Thank you! Yes, the grass sways in the wind. I forget the exact tutorial I primarily used, but it was a combination of Unity and Unreal grass shader tutorials. Flax Geek has a tutorial on creating grass swaying.

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