[Suggestion] Support external fonts

Flax editor uses flax engine as a UI framework, which means it needs converted .flax font file from ordinary .TTF file.

I am using converted font file for UI ,

Because built in font files are lackin almost every glyphs except basic latin characters, so too many text / file path characters are shown just as a bunch of crossed rectangles and hard to work with.

This method works by importing font file to temporary project and copying to “Flax\Flax_{version}\Content\Editor\Fonts”.
But the problem is, editor font setting is global so uninstalling / updating / installing new version does not resets or go default for itself the selected font, while running new editor without required font file leads to the immediate program crash not giving chance to access options window. So I need to reserve my .flax font file somewhere outside and copy to newly installed engine path before running for the first time.

It would be better to support additional accessing of external font file path or storage of .flax content from options, because currently all path I can access is engine or project dependant, which is volatile and prone to fail if removed - and breaks the editor itself.

Totally agreed.

That’s exactly what I did the first time I installed Flax, just to find that installing a new version reverted all my changes.