Things I'm hoping for with Flax 1.5

This is the list of features that I hope will get implemented by Flax 1.5 or 1.6.

Foliage Prefabs

Flax’s foliage tools are very performant and pretty, but they don’t support colliders, so we can’t use it to place trees and other large objects. I hope that we get the ability to spawn prefabs with foliage, or at least meshes with colliders.

Animation State Aliases (!)

Animation state aliases are basically a more powerful version of the “Any” node in Unity’s animator. You can use them to select a set of animations states that will transition to a new state, such as falling, to increase the cleanliness of the graphs.

Transition Interrupting

Animation State transition interrupting is also very important. After a transition starts, it allows the next animation state to start transitioning to a new state if the required logic is met. If that is the case, the blend time is shortened, and the next state begins its transition, instead of the current transition finishing its full blend.

UI Editing Tools

This one is less important, since the UI tools are already powerful enough to be used for almost anything. But designing UIs in Flax is hard, due to a lack of an editor for it. Some gizmos and prefab editing support would be great.

New Editor Gizmo


Yeah, this is my wishlist. Flax Engine is awesome, and I love using it. If it has these things, I think it could probably be my main game engine. Thanks to @mafiesto4 and all the Flax Engine developers!


Hey, those are very good suggestions and some of them are already on a roadmap. I can put some more features that are on our close roadmap:

  • .NET 7
  • Cloth simulation
  • Destruction tools
  • Behavior Trees
  • Shadowmaps caching (variable shadow resolution)
  • Video playback (.mp4 files)
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Yay! :grin: