Thousands of errors in project examples

Hello. This is my first post after a solid day of watching my projects implode.

VS Code has determined that the FPS template, as well as the graphics demos and any other sample project is now full of thousands of errors, and if I make the mistake of telling VS Code to do anything at all that requires compiling, that project is now dead and inaccessible. It will never open again.

If these are all outdated, will there ever be new examples? I can start a blank project with nothing in it and only get a few warnings, but where do you learn to code now that the examples are all wrong?

Do you use Flax Engine downloaded from Flax Launcher or manually compiled from Github? What version of the engine do you use?


It was my fault, I just went to github and grabbed the example projects from there and the errors are gone when I load up those versions. Because my project was built on the last version of the template, it was dead on compile.


Thank you for responding, in the future I will be more careful.

EDIT : This has me thinking though. When I updated to 1.3, it removed the old version of Flax from the launcher, so it kind of railroaded me into opening the projects with the wrong version. I wish we could have multiple versions installed, in case I release a game and need to support it. Otherwise, I can’t update for the life of the game.

That’s strange. The launcher never removed an older editor version from my computer when installing a new one, and I’ve never experienced anything like that with thousands of errors when opening a project with a new editor version, even with a nightly or self-compiled build. I guess that’s why it suggests backing up the project before opening it with a new editor version?

If you can reproduce this issue, please file a bug report on GitHub. I’m sorry about the issue, and hope that it doesn’t happen again.

I was dumb and deleted the corrupted projects when I found the new examples worked, if it happens again I’ll document everything. I can already tell that code that hasn’t changed in the new examples are no longer throwing errors. I have a weak hypothesis…

Yesterday, I was also messing with a different C# engine in VS Code that targets a different framework version, so I decided to load that up just now and see if running it causes Flax to get weird, but I didn’t get that far. Now the code editors are saying that this other engine is the one with all the broken code in its examples. It’s the same kind of namespace errors I got from Flax. When I load Flax back up, no errors.

I think these two engines are having a targeted framework war.

And it means I am dumber than I thought, because I probably deleted projects that weren’t corrupt.

Thank you though for your help, I love the Flax engine and rep it whenever I can. Slowly, I see more people bringing it up in casual conversation about game engines. If this happens again, I am game to engage with it.

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