Tileset Import Issues

So I have this tileset that Ive made. It set up in a way that each tile has its origin point/pivot at a specific point that its handy to manipulate in engine and build massive structures

But no matter what settings i chose in import settings all of the origin peoints for each separeted mesh was world origin in blender, so they only tile that actually worked was the bottom right one in the image above. изображение
Se please add a checkmark or something so that objects inherit local origins per object, otherwise its pretty unmanageable when it comes to anything that is not a single mesh of character or a prop изображение

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So ive tried to export each object one by one, Instead of a collection of objects all in one file and still, each object inherits world origin of the blender scene instead of local origin per object. Ive looked at source code of the import settings and couldnt find anything related to orgins or pivots in there. pls help :slight_smile:


So far the only working solution i have found is to use this blender addon when exporting:

It exports all the meshes in separate files one by one and sets the default world orgin as each object pivot point