Top-Down Shooter Progress v0.1 (WIP)

Hello! So you may remember when I last posted about making a platformer I was working on and a potential tutorial that could follow. Well, long story short, I decided to make a top-down shooter instead. My goal is to also make a tutorial for this top down shooter. Since it’s kind of a difficult mechanic to code a first, but so fun to play, I think it would be great if Flax had a tutorial on how to make a top-down shooter.

Anyways, I’ve spent about 2 hours working on the game so far. I have an environment set up, a PlayerController, and Bullets working as intended, complete with mouse aim and cooldown. Pictures below:

Once the project is at a referenceable state, I will make the repository for it available on GitHub, MIT licensed for all to use! Stay tuned!