Tutorials in the Manual

Hello together,

i started to go through the tutorials and had some issues on some points.
Now i cant continuous with “HOW TO: Create a custom asset type” on chepter 1.

i add C# to my “Sourche//” and put in the small script.
Then i added “using FlaxEngine” because of “Vector…” and tried chepter 2 but i didn’t find my script.

Can someone tell me what i miss or made wrong?

using FlaxEngine;

class MySettings
    public Vector2[] SupportedResolutions =
    new Vector2(1280, 720),
    new Vector2(1920, 1080),

    public string DefaultLanguage = "en";

Also, I updated code example to include public specifier before class MySettings.
Finally, there were some fixes for this tutorial as there was a bug with custom json asset creation via Editor (https://github.com/FlaxEngine/FlaxEngine/pull/66).