Ubuntu 20.10 Installation: Missing Android SDK

Hello Everyone :slight_smile:

Just found out about your engine and now try to build it on my Ubuntu 20.10.
I could follow your Installation instructions on Github and install all dependencies easily. Be aware that I had to install the clang-8 stuff as clang-7 isn’t available via normal apt install so I chose the closest version. I could have gone up to clang-11 or 12 if i remember correctly.

Here’s the error(s) when running sudo bash GenerateProjectFiles.sh -genproject -vscode :

Missing Android SDK. Cannot build for Android platform.
Missing Linux Toolchain. Cannot build for Linux platform.
Exception: Sequence contains no matching element

Of course in this post I’m mainly talking about missing Android SDK.

I have Android Studio installed and there I have installed the following major SDK versions: 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11
I have then also installed android-sdk via sudo apt install. GenerateProjectFiles.sh just doesn’t seem to find it. Should I define the version to use via androidPlatformApi=<version>? Which version to best choose (shouldn’t it find all possible version)?
Android Studio SDK Installation path: /home/user/Android/Sdk
APT Android SDK Install path: /usr/lib/android-sdk

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Looking forward to test the engine, looks very promising!
All the best,

Just to clear things up, you can only build the engine for linux, not the editor yet.
There is the trello ticket here : https://trello.com/c/JBECyDyz

Regarding your error i will just let mafiesto talk about it, i don’t know enough flax builder.

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ah I see, in that case I’ll have to wait anyway :slight_smile: thanks so much for your efforts!! can’t wait to try!

So we’ve released 1.1 with full support for Editor on Linux: https://flaxengine.com/blog/flax-1-1-released/
Clang 6 or newer works fine (I tested versions 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 but newer should work too I guess).

Also ,we have CI on Github to ensure that Linux builds are always fine: https://github.com/FlaxEngine/FlaxEngine/actions/workflows/build_linux.yml