Visual Scripting and Rigidbody addforce


first of all, it is great to see such a dynamic community around such an interesting engine.
We are developing a serie of tutorials on youtube for the FlaxEngine, and we are having a strange problem with the visual scripting and trying to add a force to the rigidbody.

We are able to get the variable parameter where we are hold the reference to the rigidbody, and then connect it to the instance entry of the Addforce. All the flow up to there is working correctly as we are testing it with the debug and messages on the log. But the force is never applied, or at least is not causing any effect.

What could be the problem?


Hard to say what exactly the issue is. Some things I’ve run into in the past are

  • Not setting up the rigidbody correctly
    • Rigidbody with a collider and a model as children
    • Make sure that it is not kinematic
    • Make sure that the mass makes sense
  • Not applying enough force
    • You need more force than expected to move a rigidbody. Try some seriously high numbers