Visual Scripting Tutorials Needed

Hello Everyone,

Im currently in a position where i want to choose an engine to use and create my future project and i would very much love for that engine to be the FLAX engine. I spent a small amount of time to go over the editor and review how scripting works and all i have to say is WOW! This engine is versatile enough to grab someone like myself who is just starting out in the 3D indie gaming industry yet powerful enough to create AAA game.

One thing that bothers me is that we have almost next to no tutorials online to learn Visual Scripting inside of FLAX. Will there be tutorials released soon? It would be very beneficial for both the engine and the indie developers like myself coming from 2D game development with no knowledge about FLAX to help propel people into the right direction.

Visual scripting in FLAX is awesome and i would love to learn more. Thank you for reading!


There is definitely a significant lack of educational content about Flax Engine. Tutorial videos are high on the developers’ priority. Until then, we’re mostly stuck reading documentation and watching tutorials on other game engines and trying to figure out how to add the same thing into Flax Engine.

If you’re stuck, I’ve found that Flax Engine’s Visual Script is an almost 1:1 system with its C# API. So, if you know how to do something in C#, or you’re watching a tutorial on how to do it, you can probably do it in Visual Script.

First post on flaxengine forum!
I’ve been working towards having time to do what many of us starting game dev want. A chance to tell an interactive story of some sort. My progress so far has been with something known as Playmaker in another ( what is fast becoming a corporate shareholder blood sucking…sorry ) engine. Can not type to save my life and really like the visual approach to making things happen. I had looked at Flaxengine in the past but never noticed it had visual scripting ( OGM, old guy moment ). Also never picked up on the timeline capabilities. My game idea is a simple 3d platformer with a lot of cut scenes heavy on story. Ya, not a big market but it’s where i’d like to start. I’m not going to learn C#. Not because I wouldn’t like to and didn’t try, but at my age it’s not happening. That is why I went with Playmaker.
So finally to my ?'s.
Is Flaxengine visual scripting to a level that can handle this type of game to publish to mobile?
And could following Bolt tutorials be helpful for someone in my situation ?

If there is an opinion this would be worthwhile it might help others like myself discover Flaxengine.

Short answer:

Yes. (Probably)

Long answer:

The visual scripting system is quite good. I’d say it’s near the level of Bolt. However, last time I used it, it had multiple stability issues and bugs that prevented me from using it. For example, multiple reroute nodes used to crash the editor, and you couldn’t create direct references to other visual scripts. I’m not sure if these issues have been fixed, but they’re just things you’d have to work around.

Absolutely. If you’re familiar enough with both tools, knowledge is easily transferrable between them, minus minor API differences. Visual Script is more like Bolt than, say, Blueprint.

Great reply, thank you!
I’m going to down load it and give it a try.

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