VR support

I just have a pretty simple question and or discussion. Will Flax Engine ever support VR (OpenXR).

i am wanting to switch from unity to Flax but the issue is i am a VR game developer and i really enjoy Flax but obviously i cant make VR games yet

so my question is. Will it support OpenXR???

Greetings, @Flimcy, welcome to Flax!
As it’s available on the public roadmap, official VR support is in TODO- Trello
Of course it will be added, but VR is quite a demanding feature in terms of development (At least I think), so it’ll take a little while.
Other than that, anyone can develop a small module or addon for the editor for simpler things, like basic VR interactions.
Another feasible solution I suggest (Not conventional) is by using reshade.me with Depth3D (GitHub - BlueSkyDefender/Depth3D: Depth Based 3D & Other post-process shaders) to emulate basic headset interaction?
I’m looking forward for VR support too, but right now Flax is improving on the base features to make a solid engine before diving into more advanced stuff like VR.
As for OpenXR support, it seems to be on the way!

(Along with several exciting features!)
I hope your queries are clear now,