Vulkan initialization failed

Hey. I am getting this error after running the installed app. I had a message in the output log saying “Vulkan SDK missing”, so i install it, but still getting this error.
Also, as google said, my smartphone support Vulkan API.

Could you send the engine log? It probably contains exact information about why it failed. Also, try running Debug build to have even more explicit info in the log for this.

sorry for answering too late.
I just open almost empty project and build it with Debug configuration:

Thanks for the log but it’s from Editor, what I meant before is the log from the Android device so we could track what happened there.

Oops. sorry. Here’s the log from Android device:

Thanks! That’s useful. basically we have this warning:

[Warning] Unsupported Vulkan format 26

which means that PixelFormat::R11G11B10_Float is not supported on this device. Which is a shame since it’s more optimized than half-precision floats as it uses 32bits per-pixel.

I’ll add task for 1.2 update to add support for handling this particular unsupported format and use PixelFormat::R16G16B16A16_Float as an fallback.

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A year and a half later I tried again to run Flax project on the same Android device (Flax 1.4). And now I get the following error: ================================================================ Sta -