What to do after compiling source code from Git?


I’ve tried to compile and run the Flax SourceCode from Git
Following these instructions :

  • Install Visual Studio 2022 or newer
  • Install Windows 8.1 SDK or newer (via Visual Studio Installer)
  • Install Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 v140 toolset or newer (via Visual Studio Installer)
  • Install .Net 7 SDK (via Visual Studio Installer or from web)
  • Install Git with LFS
  • Clone repo (with LFS)
  • Run GenerateProjectFiles.bat
  • Open Flax.sln and set solution configuration to Editor.Development and solution platform to Win64
  • Set Flax (C++) or FlaxEngine (C#) as startup project
  • Compile Flax project (hit F7 or CTRL+Shift+B)
  • Run Flax (hit F5 key)

I did all of above and managed to run the code :

However, as you can see the project is empty and I can do nothing.
Pressing the button to “Create new object” >camera, cube, etc
But nothing happens, I also have these errors in the output log :

Is this supposed to happen?
Can someone tell me how to properly build and run the source from Github?
I’m planning to contribute to the development and
maybe making a few pull request once I grasp how the engine works from the source codes.

dowload a demo project, open it and try.

Specifically, at this point, the editor needs to know a scene to edit.
Use an existing as suggested or use the launcher to create a new empty scene.

Thank you guys for the advice, I managed to get it working.

So for people who ran into the same problem,

  • Once you managed to compile and run the Source code,
    The newly opened Editor will be empty and black

  • Then in that same editor, open new project > (empty project or whatever)

  • The project you opened will run in the “Editor that you compiled”

That’s how you make it run properly, I think.
Feel free to correct me if I’m saying wrong stuffs here.