What to do to fix this issue?

im new to flax so bare with me :wink:

i tried coding a script but it doesnt show up as csharp file?

File->Open Project.
If there is a scene in the content folder, double click the scene file.

The only way to create a new project structure that I’m aware of is to use the Flax launcher.
Also, scripts need to live in the source directory.

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doesnt work project is completely broken

Hi, the scene is not loading because there is an error in the script. You can check the “Output Log” section to see the error. Also, this link may be helpful.

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there is no error in my scripts
i somehow need to compile the scripts in some way
or compile game solution

is there “Game.Build.cs” or “FirstPersonShooter.Build.cs” file under the “First Person Shooter” folder? The problem may be due to the missing or corruption of this file.

yes that was the problem, running fine now