Whats Everyone Doing?

I myself created a test project in Flax, and posted screenshots and shown what i can do with Flax, but besides the Devs and myself, i havent seen much of anyone showing off their work.

What are you creating? Post up some screenshots of some of your work, we all would love to see them!


Well, still a WIP but here it is:

The above is basically a really small puzzle game that used Flax’s basic features. The gameplay revolve around 2 players solving puzzles to reach to the next level.

I plan to contribute this to the Flax Sample when finished :D.

Other than that, you can check out Richard’s devlog. He’s making a really amazing game using Flax, here is his channel:


Nice job!, yes ive been following Richard, hes very good with Flax :slight_smile: