Which video tutorial would you like to see?

As some of you may know I have a youtube channel for teaching Flax, so I would like to know what tutorial you guys would like to see next between “HOW TO DO HIGHSCORE IN FLAX AND FIRST PERSON MOVEMENT IN FLAX”
Please leave preferred tutorial in comments
Link to my channel:DevXtreme - YouTube


I’m an environmental artist, I also want to start making a standalone game
So this can be a good training for me
visual scripting tutorial :smiley:


I would like to see a simple tutorial series on player movements, Variables, Triggers, Terrain ect… Also if it’s possible to highlight Visual Scripting. We have almost no tutorials for FLAX.

Alrigh, I’ll work towards this

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Thank you, I really want to learn Flax i feel like this engine is going to grow into a huge game changer.

any update on the tutorials?

Any specific topics you want covered? Third person movement? Materials? Visual Scripting? A main menu? Just curious about what you guys want to learn.

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Visual Scripting 2.5D Is what I’m looking to achieve.

Like, a top-down or side-scroller 3D game? Or, 2D but with a parallax effect?