Why can't i export my games with built in Graphics Card!

I want to build my game but I am getting a lot of errors. I looked into the flax forum and the admin said that the GPU out of memory is causing that error. I don’t understand because, why can I export my game, for example in Unity, Godot, and other engine with this Graphics Card except in Flax Engine, please fix this error, because I need to learn more about this Engine.

Sorry about your trouble. That must be very frustrating.

This engine is built on the latest graphical technologies. Intel iGPUs famously have poor drivers. And, unlike other engines like Unity, Unreal, and even Godot, which have a small army developing them, Flax Engine has a very small development team. It’s just not realistic to expect the same level of hardware support from it as something like Unity.

Do you have the latest drivers for your GPU?