Windows defender detected it as harmful software

I can’t open Flax instalator because windows defender is detecting it as harmful software. Is this normal or something is wrong with my laptop?

I cannot read you screenshot because it’s an foreign language, could you translate it for us ? I don’t even has the keyboard with all the character to write it down on google translate or deepL. :sweat_smile:

Windows defender is far from perfect, it’ probably play safe and assume everything suspicious is harmful by default.
If you did download the IntallFlax.exe from the official website of Flax it’s more than likely it’s not a virus and Windows defender is just being too careful, if you downloaded from third party, then download it again here.
Then if you are sure it’s not a virus, just ignore everything windows could say and install it.

Windows has protected this computer
Microsoft Defender SmartScreen Filter prevented an unrecognized application from starting. Running this application may put your computer at risk.

Application: InstallFlax (1) .exe
Publisher: Unknown publisher
Run Anyway / Don’t run

Btw i downloaded it from official website, maybe its my computer issue.

OK everything is fine then :wink:
Because Windows itself cannot determined the publisher it assume it could be damaging if it’s a malware downloaded on some shady website (Better to prevent than to cure). But because yourself do know the publisher (Flax, downloaded from there website), you just don’t care and hit “Run Anyway”.
But if you have any kind of doubt about any application to install in the futur, you can always make your antivirus analyses the file before running it.

My antivirus doesn’t detect it as a virus so i think it was just a bug. Thx

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Yeah we have this problem due to lack of Code Certificate (it’s pending in request and will be fixed soon).