About Volumetric fog particle manual

in document, there is a subsection about Particle used for Volumetric Fog, but it is not quite clear how to exactly configure the thing mentioned in manual. Right from the first screenshot which showing ‘Render’ title and ‘Add Module’ button for ‘add Volumetric Fog Rendering Module’ I am lost. Captured area seems not same as an usual actor inspector, and not as particle system window also. Is someone can help replicating what manual describes? It would be deeply appreciated.

I’ll add task to 1.8 roadmap to write more detailed examples and tutorial about volumetric fog particles usage. Thanks for bringing this up.

Thank you!

This is the newly added volumetric particle tutorial, right?

It is using particle system, so I hope that someday volumetric particle example will be added to the ParticlesFeaturesTour example.