Adding sun glittering effect to water shader

Hello, I want to add sun glittering effect to water shader as in the picture.

I know with roughness and metalness the engine does this but I want to make my own effect. I tried the methods I found on the internet but no success. For example this code:

float3 normal = normalize(;
float3 v = normalize(mul(In.Pos,matWorld) -;
Out.Tex2 = reflect(v,normal);	
float sunlight = pow(saturate(dot(Out.Tex2, -vecSunDir)),10);

I adapted it to the engine like this (in custom code);

float3 normal=normalize(input.TBN[2].xyz);
float3 v=normalize(;
float3 Tex2=reflect(v,normal);
float3 sunlight = 5*pow(saturate(dot(Tex2, -sundir)),2);

By the way I get the vecSunDir with script:

sundir.X = sun.EulerAngles.X;
sundir.Y = sun.EulerAngles.Y;
sundir.Z = sun.EulerAngles.Z;
act_material.SetParameterValue("SunDir", sundir)

or (I don’t know which one is better to use)

sundir.X = ((Mathf.DegreesToRadians * sun.EulerAngles.X));
sundir.Y = ((Mathf.DegreesToRadians * sun.EulerAngles.Y));
sundir.Z = ((Mathf.DegreesToRadians * sun.EulerAngles.Z));
act_material.SetParameterValue("SunDir", sundir);

So, as a result, I cannot achieve the effect. Can somebody tell me where am I doing wrong?

For those who may need an answer, the problem was that I was using euler angle. The correct method is as follows;

act_material.SetParameterValue("SunDir", -sun.Transform.Forward);