Additional shader functions


It seems there may be some effort to add in shader functions that exist in UE, but not Flax. Some of these are trivial to create, others are more significant work which would have dependencies on additional custom shader functions.

Instead of these getting lost in the forum and individual user repositories, are the Flax team interested in receiving these to add to the Flax distribution?

We have for very long time task on a roadmap to add some in-built material functions for stuff like layering (eg. in terrain), colors blending and other utilities but so far no time to work on those. I think you can make a plugin with those to be easily reusable and at some point we’re open for contributions to include common utilities within the engine.

OK, I’ll see how things go. @OlanderDA seems to be way ahead of me with the shaders, so I’ll see what he releases.

Going well. 4 layers blended. 8 is enough so that is what I am going for. This will be released as a Flax Community resource and will state right at the top that it can be included into Flax. I will not make it a ‘plugin’ though (in the normal definition of the word). It is in the Resources folder and in a specific folder that makes sense. There will be an Excel tech doc with it.

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